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Why Davis?

Davis Young is an author, speaker, trainer and teacher – all based on a career as a public relations counselor.  He was President of the former multi-office Edward Howard & Co., one of the most respected and highly honored public relations firms in the country. 

Davis has provided communication counsel on a variety of issues including crisis management, chapter 11 cases, sensitive employee matters, marketing problems, management transitions, product introductions, fund-raising communication and corporate positioning. 

Areas of Expertise

Davis has spent decades helping companies and other types of organizations build a good name.  At the heart of a positive reputation is a strong ethical foundation well-communicated within a company’s culture.  It’s about preventing problems, not just fixing them.   When that happens, competitive distinction often follows because leaders are able to concentrate on growing their businesses.    

Davis thinks good public relations is the result of good corporate citizenship.

Davis believes trust is the competitive tie-breaker.    

Davis knows what you do is even more important than what you say. 



Thoughtful analysis and advice from a seasoned professional. 


Helping leaders and managers use communication to support goals. 


Focusing on the importance of listening, speaking with confidence and setting clear expectations for others. 



Direct, concise messaging that inspires stakeholders to take actions that are supportive. 


Engaging everyone through a highly interactive approach. 

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