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Clients Served

Davis has provided counsel to leadership and public relations executives on a wide range of different issues. 


Cleveland Clinic and multiple hospitals in that system

Ownership group, team and arena for Cleveland Cavaliers

Progressive Insurance



Ownership of Cleveland Indians

Ownership of San Francisco 49ers




Revco Drug Stores (now part of CVS)

Regional Banks (now part of KeyCorp and PNC)

Numerous educational institutions, professional service firms, trade associations, nonprofits and governmental entities.



Good communication is the result of teamwork.  That is not an endorsement of group editing but it is definitely a vote in favor of being open to a broad range of input.  Experience has taught Davis that teamwork ultimately results in the best communication product. 

For this reason, Davis has for many years collaborated with other communication professionals in his home market of Northeast Ohio plus others throughout the nation and indeed the world.  He has always believed that getting everything done isn’t just one person’s job.  The key is to know how and where to get something done, not do it all yourself.  That is why Davis has spent so many years working to build relationships with other communication professionals. 

In recent years, he has developed a strong collaborative relationship with another Northeast Ohio professional – Scott Juba.  Scott brings the communication technology expertise, Davis the total experience.  This has worked very effectively for a number of clients. 

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