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“I don’t think you can place a value on the level of experience and knowledge that you were able to share with us.”

“…it was a great resource for me to have you involved in all of this… you have played a critical role in helping make the best of a very challenging situation.” 

"Davis is very good at drawing out the right thoughts from people and facilitating a good, meaningful conversation.  It left everyone feeling motivated and energized.”          

“I read your book last week…Every CEO should have a copy in his library.  I found it, unlike most books of this type, very practical and easy to follow. No theories here, just good things to get your teeth into.”


“He has lots of experience. You can sense that right away.”


“Very dynamic. Helped me learn to communicate effectively.”


“This school of thought is light years ahead of ‘spinning’ and other quick-fix practices.”


“…very knowledgeable about the subject and he had great examples.”


“Our whole team kept talking about how much the training helped us.”


“I think we are substantially better positioned than we were prior to your intervention with our crisis management.”


“Your opening to the session was so on point.”


“After the call ended, we all agreed it would be great if we could download all of the info in your brain.”


“Great presenter. Topic was very pertinent to our field especially in the current state of the economy. Excellent speaker.”


“Your work for us over the years was superb. Your work will always be the world-class standard for us.”


“I hope he can come back every year or so for a refresher session.” 


“The excellent turnout and attentive audience was testimony to the value that our membership places on your message.”


“Your facilitation in both the planning as well as the execution was excellent. I very much appreciated your feedback and facilitation style.”


“An awesome teacher.” 

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