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Reviews -- What Others Say About Trust is the Tiebreaker

“Executives will find this common sense approach to effective communications and relationship-building a tutorial in protecting their organization’s brand and reputation. This book should be read by all leaders.”

                                    James C. Boland, Chairman --JobsOhio

                                    Board of Directors – DDR and Swagelok

                                    Past Director – Goodyear, Sherwin-Williams, Invacare, International Steel

“If only I would have had Davis Young’s Trust is the Tiebreaker about 30 years ago in my career. This unique book is clear, concise, to-the-point…a treasure chest of real examples and recommended actions to meet a world filled with mistrust and cynicism. Davis Young has poured all his years of experience as a leader, mentor, teacher, PR practitioner and successful business executive into an actionable guide for building sustainable trust.”

                                      Donald E. Eagon, Jr., Past Chair

                                      National Investor Relations Institute

“Davis Young has always been able to capture, refine and dispense powerful insights and plain truths. In Trust is the Tiebreaker, he has done what he always does – reduce huge, important and crucial concepts into simple, sensible, constructive, achievable, positive and actionable directives. His sense of truth, honesty, trustworthiness and honor has been his lifelong gift to those who know and work with him. I am a direct beneficiary of these gifts along with thousands of public relations practitioners, business executives, academics and an army of

students who would follow him anywhere. Davis Young learned early, and then taught the rest of us, two important lessons:  --

  1. That all things being equal when making crucial decisions, trust should always be the tiebreaker, and
  2. If you seek a happier, more successful, productive and influential career and life, choose trust as your constant companion and guiding force.”

                 James E. Lukaszewski, Author

                 Why Should the Boss Listen to You?


                 Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication

Trust is the Tiebreaker offers to small and mid-sized companies a practical guide to creating a successful company image using trust and solid relationships as a foundation. At the core of Davis Young’s teachings is his belief and the beliefs of so many others that customers choose to do business with companies, organizations and individuals they trust. Litigation Management, Inc.’s management staff has worked with him using the theories detailed in Trust is the Tiebreaker to enhance and grow existing relationships from which additional success has been reached.”

                                Elizabeth B. Juliano, Founder and CEO, Litigation Management, Inc.

                                Sonya S. Virant, President and COO


“With Trust is the Tiebreaker, Davis Young has crafted an important primer on building and leveraging the currency of business – trust – to foster great relationships, a winning culture and vibrant growth. For everyone from emerging young leaders to established corporate executives, this book provides a practical, insightful view on effective communications and public relations and links both directly to performance.  The book feels like an easy and intimate conversation with one of the most respected national figures in the industry, and you’ll finish this read feeling positive, energized and better equipped to make every interaction an opportunity for improved connection and outcomes.” 

                                   Chas Withers

                                   President and COO

                                   Dix & Eaton