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Excerpts from Overcoming Infertility

(Co-written with a Cleveland Clinic physician)

“There are many reasons (and combinations of reasons) why getting pregnant just doesn’t work for some people.  When that happens, there are three basic options. 

  1. Give up.

  2. Stay hopeful and keep trying your way.

  3. Channel your hope and seek professional help.

This is a book for people who choose the third option – for people who have come to a point in their lives where they remain hopeful and are prepared to reach out for the professional help they need to be successful.  This is a book for people who are ready to move forward with medical treatment of their infertility.” 


“There are four fundamental questions to explore.  The answers will form the foundation of what you will decide about all of the other issues associated with infertility. 

  1. Are the two of you in agreement?

  2. Are your expectations realistic?

  3. Are you okay with ART (assisted reproductive technology)?

  4. Are you patient, tenacious and resilient?

The bad news is there is hardly ever an infertility case where everything goes just the way you would want it to go right from the start. 

The good news is that we are able to identify and address many issues.  And, the batting average in doing so is improving all the time.”


“Loving a child to say nothing of maximizing your own emotional stability – argues strongly for taking a comprehensive look at all these issues now plus whatever other items you can add to this list in the future.  You decide what’s right for you.  We will not judge you.  We will always support you.” 

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