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Excerpts from Building Your Company's Good Name

“Especially in times of trouble, a good name can be your most important asset.”


“Before you put your name in lights, be very well advised to make sure your policies are sound and your values consistent with the public interest.  Sooner or later – and usually sooner – the perception will match the reality.”


“Even the best public relations programs cannot overcome flawed policies, bad results or inappropriate actions.”


“You can glue a broken reputation back together again, but it will never look the same as it did before you damaged it.”  


“There is no quick or easy way to have a good reputation.”


“Each day, management teams across America gather in board-rooms to engage in reputation damage control.”  


“By paying attention to stakeholders and respecting what they say, you not only gain important insights, but you involve them in real and meaningful ways in your reputation management process.”


“Every employee is an ambassador to customers, communities, shareholders, or any other stakeholder group…It would seem logical, therefore, that employees whose opinions are valued, employees who are partners in setting reputation expectations, and employees who are communicated with honestly and regularly present the best potential to be good ambassadors.”  

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